Manual Citrus Juicer

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JUSE - Manual Press Juicer / Orange Juice Presser

This expertly-crafted manual juice press offers an unparalled experience in creating the finest-quality juices from a variety of citrus fruits. Its elegant stature provides a lovely focal point for any kitchen and the elegant simplicity of pure machined and formed stainless steel and cast aluminum complements its timeless nature.

  • Extremely Durable Cast Aluminum construction
  • Easily cleanable Silicone Spill Tray
  • Removable Stainless Steel Funnel / Cone
  • Magnetically Released Metal Press Cone for Easy Washability
  • Silicone Feet to prevent slipping
  • Not Dishwasher Safe

Tech Specs

  • Item Size: L 220 x W 220 x H 450 mm
  • Weight: 5.8 kg

  • Package Size: L 260 x W 260 x H 512 mm
  • Package Weight: 7.25 kg


Q1: How do I wash/clean the Juicer ?

A1: Simply remove the three juicing components and then wash them with soapy water then dry them with a dry cloth. Wipe off any other spills on the JUSE body with a wet cloth.

Q2: Does the JUSE also work on Grapefruit ?

A2: JUSE is designed intentionally to work with Orange or Lemon that is a bit smaller in size compares to a Grapefruit which is with thicker skin. It may work on Grapefruit but you may not get as much juicing efficiency compares to Orange/Lemon.

Design Award

  • Design in USA
  • Worldwide Design Patented
  • D 185145 ; ZL 2016 3 0503605.2 ;               ZL 2016 2 1121861.6



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-  $360.00

All Good under the Hood

You'll never need to worry about durability or longevity when selecting this timeless kitchen accessory. O-LYFE has taken the time, effort and expense to make the interior as beautifully crafted as the exterior.

The Big Squeeze

Designed as an arbor-press style juice press, the JUSE generates highly leverage force down onto the fruit halves, creating effective and efficient masticating extraction. The fruit is carefully crushed down and across the stainless steel pulp extractor and refined funnel cone by the perfectly aligned, magnetically attached, press cover, thus creating nutrient-rich, clean juices.

Flip 'n Clean

The removable splash and spill tray is made of a dense, dishwasher-safe silicone and makes clean-up very quick and easy after your freshly made carafe of orange juice.

All Metal Construction

If you want perfection of operation, and a machine built to last the decades, then the JUSE manual juicer is the right choice. The luxurious combination of formed & hand-polished stainless steel extraction and press cones with pure cast and machined aluminum mechanical components ads peace of mind to owning a premium product. With a protective black or white powder-coated finish, hand-polished details, and a pure silicone tray - you will be hard-pressed to find a finer manual juicer.