RACK - O-LYFE - Countertop Wine Rack Holder
RACK - O-LYFE - Countertop Wine Rack Holder
RACK - O-LYFE - Countertop Wine Rack Holder
RACK - O-LYFE - Countertop Wine Rack Holder
RACK - O-LYFE - Countertop Wine Rack Holder
RACK - O-LYFE - Countertop Wine Rack Holder


Wine Rack

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RACK - Countertop Wine Rack

Stylishly decorate any home interior with this exquisite countertop wine rack display from O-LYFE. Each unit is expertly crafted from pure cast aluminum and powder-coated for added durability, with hand-polished outer ring details.

  • Each individual unit securely holds up to 3 standard-sized wine bottles, downward-tilted for corks or horizontally for screw-top.
  • Premium Cast Aluminum with machined features and hand-polished outer ring details
  • Customizable aesthetic by simply rotating the Rack on the included skid-free feet.
  • Machined Stainless steel spacing components
  • High quality durable powder coat finish with hand-polished outer ring

Tech Specs

  • Item Size: L 290 x W 290 x H 170 mm
  • Weight: 1.20 kg

  • Package Size: L 395 x W 325 x H 175 mm
  • Package Weight: 1.90 kg


Q1: How do I clean the RACK ?

A1: Clean, wipe with wet cloth, and then Dry with a dry soft cloth. Do not wash in the Dishwasher as discoloration may occur over time.

Design Patent

  • Design in USA
  • Worldwide Design Patented
  • D 193144 ; ZL 2018 3 0071615.2


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-  $120.00

Unconventional Design

Create visual appeal with this stunning cast aluminum wine display. Uniquely dedicated anti-sliding silicone feet help to visually ground this exquisite piece. We believe your wine display should be commensurate with your refined palate - let friends know you have good taste!

Premium Materials

Ultra-high purity aluminum is expertly cast, darkened with black powder-coating, and then machine-milled for added precision. Machined stainless steel pins and spacers are professionally assembled. The outer ring is also hand-polished to give every unit the requisite premium appearance to compliment your favorite wine collection.

Customize your Look

Add to the décor of your home by rotating the RACK to align with your custom aesthetic or try using multiple RACKs for even more sophisticated decorating ideas! Setup is as easy as one, two, drink !

Wanna Hang Out ?

If you prefer to showcase your wine collection on the wall of your room for stunning displays of your grape taste, we recommend popping the cork on the RACK-W system - a customizable wall-mounted version of the same fantastic product.