Measurement Spoon

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M-SPOON - Measurement Spoon

For those of us non-Michelin-starred chefs who still need to measure ingredients, the M-SPOON will last the test of time. M-SPOON is designed to fit into most containers and efficiently scoop a precise quantity of food without spilling or bending. Easy to scrape-level and easy to clean.

  • Hydraulically-Pressed Thick Stainless Steel prevents bending, breaking, and staining
  • Compact Design to Fit into Jars & Containers
  • Holds ~1/4 level cup or 10 grams
  • Dishwasher Safe

Tech Specs

  • Item Size: L 90 x W 49 x H 20 mm
  • Weight: 0.04 kg

  • Package Size: L 90 × W 50 × H 20 mm
  • Weight: 0.05 kg


Q1: How do I clean the M-SPOON ?

A1: Clean, Rinse, Wash with soapy water, and then Dry with a dry soft cloth. There may be watermark left on the product when you let it dry by itself in open air. Do not wash in the Dishwasher as discoloration may occur over time.


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-  $10.00


The M-SPOON also rests squarely on the counter to help prevent spilling the beans, particularly useful after you've realized your red wine reduction is caramelizing and needs your urgent attention.

Cutting no Corners

Intentionally and generously rounded pressure-formed stainless steel receptacles make clean-up effortless. No cramped corners for food to collect and no sharp edges to hurt your hand when scooping compacted spices.

Thumbs' Up

With comfort in mind, our designers created a more ergonomic method or grasping a measuring spoon, to facilitate more leverage when repeatedly scooping or measuring out hard-to-scoop, compacted ingredients.