Garlic Presser

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PRESR - Garlic Presser

Designed to be the most visible garlic press in the market, this beautiful, space-age garlic press will work harder than ever to get the most our of your organic garlic cloves. You made the special trip to the farmer's market, now watch this amazing garlic press extract the correct ratio of pulp-to-juice to prevent premature oxidation and encourage optimum flavor retention and health benefits for your meals. Show those cloves who's the boss!

  • Unique Cast Aluminum Design
  • Ergonomic Handle designed for Leverage
  • Included Pulp Ejector (For Cleaning)
  • Not Dishwasher Safe

Tech Specs

  • Item Size: L 165 x W 60 x H 40 mm
  • Weight: 0.23 kg

  • Package Size: L 180 x W 120 x H 50 mm
  • Package Weight: 0.33 kg


Q1: How do I clean the PRESR ?

A1: You may push out the residual by using the provided cleaning tool. Clean, Rinse, Wash with soapy water, and then Dry with a dry soft cloth. There may be watermark left on the product when you let it dry by itself in open air. Do not wash in the Dishwasher as discoloration may occur over time.

Design Award

  • Design in Denmark
  • Worldwide Design Patented
  • D 185533 ; ZL 2017 3 0064651.1
  • 2019 GERMAN DESIGN AWARD                       SPECIAL MENTION



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-  $30.00

Precision Operation

Engineered for flawless operability, the PRESR practically cleans itself. The included companion pulp ejector will help extract every ounce of precious garlic puree.

Metal Expression

The heavy-duty cast aluminum body-halves are expertly hinged by a machined, press-fit pivot to give years of flawless pressing performance. And, the two available protective finishes will match any home décor.

Storage is a Snap

Elegantly stowed, the PRESR's pulp-ejector stays out of sight and won't get lost. The unit's slim & sleek profile makes it easy to fit into any drawer or small storage spot. At the same time, leaving it at the countertop is also a nice piece of decoration for display.