Bread Mold

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MOLD - Bread Mold / Baking Pot /                 Aluminum Pot

Meet the versatile MOLD from O-LYFE. Whether you are contemplating a fancy oven-roasted rosemary duck stew, a seared prime filet mignon, or the perfect spiced pecan banana bread, this baking mold will deliver perfect results, every time. Professionally cast from extremely thick-walled aluminum, the heat conduction is ideal for perfectly balanced bakes and roasts, designed to eliminate hot spots and cold zones. Bakers, start your Ovens!

  • All Cast Aluminum Design
  • Premium Thick Walls (1/4"+) For Efficient Heat Transfer
  • Non-Stick Inner Coating for quick release and easy clean-up
  • Removable Lid-Lock and handle cover
  • Not Dishwasher Safe, hand wash recommended

Tech Specs

  • Item Size: L 310 x W 110 x H 95 mm
  • Weight: 2.10 kg

  • Package Size: L 330 x W 112 x H100 mm
  • Package Weight: 2.43 kg


Q1: How do I clean the MOLD ?

A1: Clean, Rinse, Wash with soapy water, and then Dry with a dry soft cloth. There may be watermark left on the product when you let it dry by itself in open air. Do not wash in the Dishwasher as discoloration may occur over time.

Design Award

  • Design in Demark
  • Worldwide Design Patent Pending
  • 2019 IF Product Design Award



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-  $100.00

Modern Aesthetic

Alluding to the machined nature of this solid cast aluminum piece, the form matches almost any modern or mid-century aesthetic, and carries the hallmarks of precision machining in its form and exposed raw metal details.

Surprising Versatility

Use the lid to oven-fry bacon or a marinated chicken filet. Bake open-top breads in the deep mold for dramatic, evenly cooked loafs. If you can imagine it, MOLD can bake it !

Interlocking Lid

Every edge, every surface, and each piece has purpose build into its nature. Even the Lid has been detailed to incorporate a beveled interlocking top edge to prevent sliding or shifting during transport or baking.